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Arcane Roots to release new single ‘Belief’ (UK)

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Arcane Roots will release their brand new single, Belief on August 26th. As with recent single Slow, the band (through drummer Daryl Atkins) will be producing and directing their music video for the single.

Andrew Groves, (guitar and vocals) explains a bit about the meaning behind the new single: “Belief, for me is the most important song on the whole of Blood & Chemistry. It came at a time when I was experiencing a lot of doubt over my abilities as a songwriter, which had just become very neatly framed by my personal and professional lives crashing into each other, as best they could. I wanted to write a song that could stand up to the anthems we had heard soaring from the stages of festivals the previous summer, a by-the-book classic, a ‘songwriters’ song. After searching for so long, I ended up writing it on my bedroom floor in about half an hour, it changed me and the album entirely and was the first song we finished for the album session.”

Blood & Chemistry is out now.

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