Wed. May 31st, 2023

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An Evening with Mark “Chopper” Read (AUS)

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Mark ‘Chopper’ Read is an Australian folk hero – a Ned Kelly for the modern era. Quick-witted and unapologetic, he is the world’s most popular psychopath; a living legend who graduated from the school of hard knocks and turned into a media star.

But who is the real Chopper Read?

Mark’s story is about a troubled kid who started out on the wrong path then descended into hell. It is about a youth of aimless crime, brutalisation in a violent prison system, a surreal and unexpected left turn to celebrity, and the quest to find a place in the regular world.

Some worship Chopper for his violent past, others deride him as an opportunistic lowlife who has profited from his crimes. Some say he’s a monster, others say he’s a top bloke. A threat to society or a victim of the system. The truth lies somewhere in between.

Here is the chance, perhaps for the last time, to hear Chopper’s life story direct from the source – live on stage, September 23 at Athenaeum theatre, Melbourne. Tickets available through Ticketek.