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Album Review: Zebrahead – Walk The Plank

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Although they’ve been wreaking havoc and paving the road of the punk-pop scene for nearly 20 years, veterans Zebrahead still manage to keep producing albums that are fresh and full of life. Walk The Plank is the bands twelfth full-length release and it draws inspiration from their previous works while still pushing forward with their sound.

Zebrahead - Walk The PlankAptly named Walk The Plank is all about taking chances and it sees Zebrahead essentially going for it, and we see the two extremes heavy punk and mellow rock. Kicking off the unruly energy with intense drums and resounding guitar riffs is Who Brings A Knife To A Gun Fight and it’s an absolute banger. The attitude and dynamism is infectious, as well as the backing shouts of “Hey!” and you can’t help but rock out a little. Continuing on the wild energy is Headrush and it starts off with a bit of rapcore and riff dips, giving us a taste of the wild range of elements Zebrahead bring together for this album. It’s a track full of screaming guitars and punchy lyrics like chorus line “no need to fight the battle, I’ve already won the war”. And if you’re one for pop-punk angst anthems Wasted Generation is right up your alley. Featuring hard hitting rhythms, intense riffs and loud, strained vocals it’s a foot stomping powerhouse that will leave you chanting “we’re the wasted generation, on a permanent vacation!”

On the mellow side of the spectrum we’re treated to So What, which is characteristically your classic punk ditty with a pop infused melody completed with acoustic chords to really showcase the laid back attitude of the tune. While Keep It Myself dials down the harder dynamics of previous tracks but still keeps in tune with the energetic beat to really tie both the heavier songs with those a bit smoother in delivery.

Walk The Plank is an incredibly cohesive record with each of the tracks having a powerful energy and distinct beach vibe that’s all tied together with crazy hooks. So get ready to set sail with Zebrahead on their nostalgic but new collection of tracks, although be warned it’s not one for the faint of heart – you must be prepared to walk the plank!