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Album Review: Yuck – Stranger Things

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Don’t let their name fool you, the sound that these British rockers are producing is far from ‘yuck’. Stranger Things marks a vibrant new chapter, moving forward with a new found confidence in their sound. With vocals that switch from melodic croons to strained chants, and beats that explode and evolve within each tune, this fresh take on thrash rock demands attention.

Stranger ThingsOpening strong with Hold Me Closer in all its twisted pop glory, with both the chords and vocals thrashing around one another. Leading onto the blazing sound of Cannonball, with its infectious beat and amped up riffs, its one of the tracks that shine above the rest, boasting a warranted confidence. While Hearts In Motion is the epitome of mess, with an overpowering beat conflicting with electric riffs while the vocals fight for the spotlight. It works to effectively tie every sound heard on Stranger Things together, taking every imperfection in its stride, which works to stunning effect.

With Like A Moth adding a new filter of clarity on the sound, with the crooning vocals getting a chance to shine above a droning beat. Lyrically it hits a fairly sombre mood with Max Bloom reciting, “Like a moth I see you burning like a flame” / “When I try to reject you, I can’t turn away”. As I Walk Away takes notes and follows along with similar conviction, achieving quite the dreamy atmosphere with Mariko Doi taking over some vocal hooks while Bloom adds an extra layer on musical texture, sprinkling his gritty sound at the height of the track.

While their thrashing sound sometimes feeling abrasive and heavy, it’s all part of the divine mess that is Stranger Things. It’s certainly not an album full of perfect riff and auto tuned vocals, it’s one that boasts character and showcases distinct personality. Each track has so many dynamic layers that with each listen there’s something new to discover. Yuck certainly fell into a groove, owning their sound once again to create this dynamic collection of tunes.