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Album Review: You Me At Six – Night People

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The English band, You Me At Six, have racked up an impressive resume in their decade long career including playing Wembley Arena, the O2 and supporting The Black Keys at Isle of Wight festival. The guys release their fifth studio album, Night People, in early 2017 much to the delight of their fans.

You Me At Six- Night People album artFrontman Josh Franceschi’s vocals are worth noting as he can really sing! An oftentimes over looked aspect in music groups. Although the album mainly sticks to the pop rock style, there are break away moments where the boys move to a heavier rock feel and where Franceschi displays his convincing ability to sing with more grit. Franceschi seems to have a penchant for strong vocal melodies as in the anthemic delivery of Take On the World, an emotive and driving rock ballad and the singable hook of Give.

Dan Flint’s drumming stood out in the tracks Make Your Move, where the rumbling toms support the rest of the instruments and add a propelling energy, and  Can’t Hold Back where his quick moving rim shots add a playful texture. I want to hear more of this from him as in many of the songs he seems to play too reservedly. The flare he adds to the afore mentioned tracks would benefit song writing in the future.

There are truly inspired moments hidden throughout several of the songs on Night People, but for the most part the song writing seems to be rather formulaic, tried and true, this is even apparent in the clean cut production. It seems to be a well-oiled machine, and the music comes out a little fabricated, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.