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Album Review: Wand – 1000 Days

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Whatever the cause is for Wand’s creative streak, it is doing absolute wonders. Wand has released three albums in thirteenth months. With Golem and Ganglion Reef already part of their résumé, Wand’s third instalment of 1000 Days serves to be a great addition into their already impressive collection. The band does not have a social networking profile and their website looks like it was developed when the Internet was in its early stages of existence. It’s strange as social networking is the primary way these days for bands to get noticed. Then again, for these guys, releasing three albums in a year could do the same thing.

wand_1000days_mini_sq-2b478a322524d80a11dab8cfb496bb20f41e9eef-s300-c85 (1)1000 Days is very different from what the boys from Los Angeles have developed previously. Indeed, their focus, energy and creativity is similar to The Brian Jonestown Massacre. 1000 Days focuses more on the pop component of their music rather than their previous album Golem.

The opening of the album, Grave Robber, encapsulates elements that are very similar to a new wave of psychedelic soundscape similar to Tame Impala. While the overall harmonics of the songs feel rather jovial, the lines provide a deeper, more menacing undertone. The title track gives strange images of uncomfortable apprehension: “Sleeping on a cement bed/waking at night full of terror”.

The psychedelic phase of music is slowly stretching out its hand and clutching onto the soul of western culture yet again but Wand are providing listeners with quite beautiful arrays of light and shade in their music. Dovetail engrosses listeners with tribal drums and soundscapes that you can’t help but make frown in curiosity and listen intently. Paintings Are Dead changes style and gives us a garage version of early Porcupine Tree. Their sounds are stunning and they have a large depth in experimental taste.

1000 Days is actually a very interesting album and can offer to a lot of listeners. Very much like a Christopher Nolen film: every time you listen to them, you pick up on something new that you didn’t hear before. 1000 Days is unexpectedly satisfying and would have a lot of listeners journey with this talented group in pleasure.