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Album Review: Troye Sivan – Something To Give Each Other

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Since first gaining his popularity on YouTube and Australian talent shows, Troye Sivan has catapulted his way into the sky-high peaks of mainstream music charts, and with now three incredibly well loved albums as well as numerous high charting singles under his belt, he has garnered masses of followers who are sure to love everything he has to offer on his new album Something To Give Each Other.

The album starts of with an influx of energy and high powered atmosphere with Rush a pulsing, club-infused anthem with it’s uniquely mixed vocals giving the song a layered, pounding heartbeat. If there was one strength to point to with the entire record, it’s the lyrics and the way he turns them into strong hooks, and immediately with lines such as “I feel the rush, addicted to your touch” you have a defining chorus for the album. Following on shortly from this, is the funky and eclectic One Of Your Girls, where playful guitars and heavy bass dives give the song a wild and unpredictable mix that keeps you guessing.

The use of Spanish lyrics is a spice used masterfully throughout the album, and is especially present on In My Room, which also employs a very catchy rhythmic device on the vocals in the verses. But where his lyrics cut the deepest is on Still Got It, the themes of which narrate the perils behind being caught in the throes of infatuation, even when it’s not what’s best for your heart: “Getting used to being alone, but babe, a house don’t mean a home like before”. A powerful organ fills the empty space, creating a mournful and wistful atmosphere. The record goes from strength to strength here, as Can’t Go Back, Baby follows close behind with an incredibly sombre arrangement, it’s half-time slap rhythm giving the song a pulse that keeps the energy surprisingly high for such a melancholy track.

Got Me Started has proven to be one of the more popular songs from the album so far, and seems to have really resonated with his fans. Not least due to it’s surprising but welcome use of “Shooting Stars” as a sample, an inclusion that not even Troye thought would be possible according to a recent interview. Things then take a slightly more spaced out, trance-like direction on Silly, as muted, electrified vocals against the pounding dance-inspired instrumentation gives the song a dreamy feel.

It soon begins to reach the climax of the record, as one of the strongest tracks Honey helps to bring the dynamics to their peak. It has arguably the best and hookiest chorus on the album, and the playful lyrics really help it stand out as one of the albums strongest moments: “And I’ve learned so much about you, don’t know your name, that’s something we’ll get to”.

Troye Sivan’s fans have clearly embraced his latest offering with open arms, and it’s easy to see why. Something To Give Each Other is filled with high points, inspired experimentation and deep-cutting lyrics which mark him as a mainstay in the world of Dance/Club music.