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Album Review: Tom Grennan – What Ifs & Maybes

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Album Review: Tom Grennan - What Ifs & Maybes

After Tom Grennan released his breakthrough album Evering Road in March 2021, which went on to score him his first UK Number 1 Album, expectations would have been high for his third full length effort What Ifs & Maybes. He undoubtedly delivers with a solid and powerful record, containing many standout tracks that showcases his considerable vocal talent.

The opening track How Does It Feel has found a home on TikTok’s trending sounds recently and it’s easy to see why, with its catchy chorus and upbeat drums creating a perfect beginning to a record that throws more than a few surprises your way. Remind Me (arguably one of the more popular songs upon release) has one of the best choruses on the album and is sure to prove to be a favourite live track for his fans on his current UK tour. It’s lyrical themes of regret are carried throughout most of the album, especially on a song such as Unbreak a Broken Love where Tom sings about his desire to fix a broken relationship, as well as in This Side of the Room which is one of the strongest songs on the album with some of the most heart wrenching lyrics “Tonight as you’re dancing in his arms, I’m losing everything I have”.

On Crown Your Love the intro may lead you to expect a classic piano ballad, but soon a pulsing kick drum starts building to an epic chorus, a songwriting technique which is used to full effect throughout the album to always keep the listener on their toes. Along this line, whilst a lot of the guitar is played with a bright and clean tone, it suddenly changes to a much moodier and warmer sound on the fantastic Before You.

Included on the album are singles by other artists that Tom featured in, including a catchy verse and great chorus duet with KSI on Not Over Yet, as well as Lionheart by Joel Corry, which adds a further electronic dance element to bring an energetic and bopping close to the record.

If What Ifs & Maybes is anything to go by, Tom Grennan’s career is on a clear upward trajectory as he debuts a solid effort with multiple potential fan favourites, as well as an amazing showcase of his skilled range and heartfelt lyrics.