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Album Review: The Grates – Dream Team

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Aussie indie/rock three-piece The Grates sell out venues and blow their audiences away with their energetic live show, it’s no wonder that they are one of the nation’s favourite acts in their genre; as well as a decent gig, we love a good album, and the group have released three solid LP’s previously (Gravity Won’t Get You High, Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, and Secret Rituals)-the group also own a cafe! Now the award winning trio return with their fourth album, Dream Team, and our expectations are high!

The Grates - Dream TeamOpener Call Me is bouncy, the bass line is addictive and the guitar parts are to die for, not to mention it’s refreshing to hear Patience’s voice once again; Holiday Home is different, a punchy bass and the kick introduce the track with some clean vocal work, this was until the song launched itself into a roar of a chorus, a sound you will instantly dig. 7-Eleven is more vocally laid back than the former, airily introducing the track, the instrumentation remains as full as ever; however, not all tracks prove to be as captivating as each other, Dirty Hands doesn’t get interesting until the last few lines. It’s not long though before our attention is regained, It Won’t Hurt Anymore consists of an in depth atmosphere that surrounds you; Wild One brings out the energy and enthusiasm we’ve grown to love from The Grates, it would make for a decent single release.

I’m Staying is a lighter note the album has expressed so far, even when the group downscale their sound they still manage to reel you in;  Friends With Scum is pretty short, but not sweet, it’s bitter but in a great way with its explosive ending. What’s Wrong With You is a wonderful little indie ballad with some notable vocal work and a perfect arrangement, it’s too short though and you don’t want it to end; I Wish I Was Alone brings back the full sound with some uptempo drum work and a melody that keeps you on your toes, but is short lived at a mere one minute and fifty seconds in duration. Lastly, Back To Black brings the album to a mixed close, beginning at a slower pace but picking up later on to finish up on their trademark enthusiasm.

The Grates have continued to impress with Dream Team, it has their brand written and delivered throughout its entirety; the overall sound of the album is enticing, they are certainly in an element of their own making. The only thing that could be picked on if necessary was the shortness of songs you wanted to hear more of, particularly What’s Wrong With You and I Wish I Was Alone. All in all, a great new effort by The Grates!