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Album Review: Stolen Jars – Kept

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Dynamic duo Stolen Jars (Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund) are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album Kept. Building off their successes with their self-titled debut the pair released 3 songs as a taste of what fans could expect with round 2. The songs “Bright Red”, “Kept” and, “Folded Out” were offered for free downloaded on the bands website and they really are the perfect teasers for the new album as a whole. In comparison to what they released in album one, Kept is much more ambitious, but it’s been made with plenty of heart and soul. Unlike many other pop artists the duo have created a lot of the tracks themselves and self released with Fitzgerald composing and layering all the tunes himself, while together they created the melodies in order to put out something they can both be truly proud of.

Stolen Jars - KeptKept is a really beautiful record, it’s soft, sweet and delicate pop sounds crafted with some indie inspired melodies. It’s very easy to listen too; both Fitzgerald and Grund have interesting but very appealing voices that work together nicely. There’s a really beautiful balance between their voices, the light, crisp tone of Grund’s and the edgier notes to Fitzgerald’s that bounce and blend against one another to create some really intricate harmonies. Production wise there’s an elaborate mixture of almost haphazard beats, countered with very precise, rhythmic drumbeats that make the delicate vocals shine through. The only downside to this album is some tracks do mesh together a little too well. They’re just very similar in length and sound, some musical change in the middle of the track list would have helped to boost the atmosphere of the record.

If you pay attention and really listen to each track though you can definitely feel everything this pair has put into their music. There’s an infectious texture and ambiance that builds with each tempo rise and it’s clear to see that Kept is a work of art, crafted by two musicians who know what they wanted to do with 10 tracks.