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Album Review: Rae Morris – Someone Out There

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Photo: Atlantic

Someone Out There is the second album by Rae Morris. Three years from Unguarded, the British singer delivers a new outstanding record highlighting her hypnotic and radiant voice. Someone Out There reveals another side of Rae Morris, who experiments with a more electro-pop style. 

Push Me to My Limit, first track of the album, doesn’t really feel like a true opener since the rhythm, slow and soft, differs from the rest of Someone Out There. However, the vocals are brilliant and they mesmerise the listener for three minutes and half.

The second song, Reborn, finally unveils Rae Morris’ new style. Synth tunes and violin melodies joins together to create an upbeat and energetic track, with a melancholic aftertaste. Rae Morris, following her evolution, delivers a light and catchy tune: Atletico (The Only One). On the same tone, there’s Do It, a refreshing electro-pop song. After Do It, the rhythm of the album slows down, something that cannot be said for the energy. Thanks to Rae Morris’ voice, the second part of Someone Out There is still strong and fierce. However, despite my keen appreciation of Rae Morris’ voice, the start of Wait for the Rain flaunts her vocal range in a slightly disturbing way. The last sparkle of a cherish and danceable rhythm is delivered through Dip My Toe, an upbeat and playful track about the first time.

Someone Out There portraits Rae Morris’ growth. Although the sounds is more pop and electronic, featuring synth, bass tunes and percussion lines, there are still some elements reminding to Rae Morris’ debut album.