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Album Review: Palms – Crazy Rack

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Indie rockers Palms are back with their appropriately second release, Crazy Rack. Each new track off the record feels like a different take on the rock formula; it’s a jumbled assortment of sounds and styles that ends up being surprisingly and strikingly pleasant.

Palms Crazy Rack

The highlight of the album is definitely the first track, Bad Apple. Its greatness is almost paradoxical: although it’s a busy track packed with thrashing guitars and heavy drums, it’s also bright and preppy, with a super catchy chorus that you’ll be unable to escape.

Sleep Too Much is another notable gem, with its grungy garage rock sounds and killer riffs. The chorus is as bare bones as it is possible for this kind of music to get – the line “I think about sleep too much” is repeated over and over – and even though it could’ve become boring or plain, it instead just gives off this overly relaxed feeling that shouldn’t work, but does.

The album definitely darkens as it goes on. In the beginning you have songs like, Rainbows and Thoughts Of You, which sum up the nights of your youth with insane guitar solos and drum beats that were made for live shows. Towards the end however, there’s songs like No More and Dreamcatcher which are a little more on the solemn side. Although the mood noticeably shifts in the second half, the sadder songs still make a huge impact with impeccable instrumentation and perfect production.

Though it’s arguably not awe-inspiring, you can’t fault Crazy Rack for the sheer amount of invention of display. This is chaotic, care-free release, one that wears its heart on its sleeve and is all the better for its open ambition.