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Album Review: New Empire – In A Breath

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The band, New Empire, are a refreshing alternative/pop rock band based in Sydney, Australia and needless to say, they have outdone themselves again with their new album, In A Breath. With their previous releases of Come With Me Tonight and Symmetry, In A Breath takes on a complete turnaround which focuses more on their indie-rock approach towards their music. They are a talented band with the potential to rise towards the charts and it’s an admirable quality that they are all so passionate when it comes to making music. Although making an album has its commitments and deadlines, New Empire are not one to disappoint fans and it’s inspiring that the band themselves are all friends with one another. With their absolutely breathtaking music, it’s no wonder New Empire have always been compared to big bands such as Coldplay. 

New Empire In A BreathThe album itself is solid start to finish. With a mix of songs that are quite enthusiastic and uplifting such as Tale of Jonah and The Sun Won’t Sleep, the tracks give a burst of positive light to In A Breath. Relight The Fire was the first single to be released from the album and the chorus itself is addictive. Jeremy Fowler’s voice blends well with the music, creating an atmosphere of clarity and hope for listeners. Say It Like You Mean It is yet another track which will definitely keep fans hooked with the cleverly structured keyboard introduction, having a much more focused approach to the pop rock side of their music. It’s safe to say that New Empire definitely know how to rock it out with their instruments with a highly sophisticated standard of work they have produced in this release.

In A Breath, Fallen Soldiers and A Little Braver are favourable tracks off the album as they display and showcase what the band do best, to lyrically speak out an important message to fans that there’s always hope even when things fall apart. What New Empire do best is the fact that they are able to create something meaningful with their music and these tracks remind listeners that they are not alone in what they go through in life.

With In A Breath, being their third release, New Empire are climbing the ranks of success and have a very good prospect of gaining more fans with this new collection. This release provides listeners with a sense of hope and encouragement through their darkest days, with uplifting and joyous music that can turn around their bad day into a good one.

The band are definitely heading in the right direction in terms of their musical style and it’s great to see a band that still consistently produces music to a quality standard.  It’s absolutely beautiful that their music can create such a positive impact in someone’s life and it can certainly be noted down that many fans will appreciate the surge of inspiration this band likes to offer in the big, crazy world of music. They are champions in what they do really.