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Album Review: Little May – For The Company

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Soulful Sydney siders Little May are taking the indie music scene by storm and their debut album For The Company proves that all the hype is well deserved. Their intricate brand of soulful rock and delicate pop makes for quite a beautiful album. Many of the tracks are sweet little ditties elevated by the supple voice of Hannah Field while others have a particular grunge punch to them.

Little May - For The CompanyHome boasts a sombre tune with delicate folk melodies and earnest lyrics “Blind man, if I heal you, could you tell me, how to go where I can be” and the strong repetition of the same line as a chorus “I don’t think we’re living, no, ’til we get home” that just has emotion pulsating from them. Sinks and Oh My My fall into the grittier category, full of sweeping arrangements that turn into growing riffs while Fields’ vocals have such an edge to them that it’ll spark a fire inside you. And the addition of Hide hidden at the end of the album was an absolute treat. It’s a song that’s full of mystery and folk-pop appeal, built up with acoustic riffs and a simple melody that does nothing but compliment the honest, breathy vocals.

It’s an album that is as delicate as it is intriguing full of floating melodies and snappy rhythms and vocals that are sweet but have a certain edge to them that makes For The Company a compelling release. While most of the material is of the same note it might be lost on you on a first listen, but once you take the time to appreciate the soulful lyrics that simply gel with the building riffs that Little May have turned into an art form it’ll be hard to turn the record off.