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Album Review: Liam Gallagher & John Squire – Liam Gallagher & John Squire

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Album Review: @liamgallagher & @john___squire 's collaborative album "a triumph of rock and roll" - full review here

Both men associated with this record need no introduction, especially Liam Gallagher who has seen himself at the forefront of rock music over the past eight years and a legend of it since Oasis emerged in the early nineties. John Squire of The Stone Roses is arguably on the same legendary status, hence why this self titled album is one to be heard loud.

The album begins as though at the start of a concert, Liam singing Raise Your Hands as though to an audience. Its immediacy draws the listener in right away, the tight riff and pounding drums courtesy of producer Greg Kurstin. Lyrically, it’s a rousing number about bringing lost people together, which seems a fitting way to start. Single Mars To Liverpool is followed by One Day At A Time, the first real taste of the psychedelic. The pretty acoustic intro makes way to a plodding electric guitar riff that fades in an out at points to allow the acoustic to return. It takes a basic rock structure and gives it an interesting spin. I’m A Wheel  travels to the other end of the rock spectrum, leaning heavily into the blues. John Squire’s solos are prevalent across the entire record, but this tune is a real showcase of his melodic and harmonic playing.

Love You Forever takes on a Hendricks-aesthetic, the riff especially sounding straight out of the early 70’s. Make It Up As You Go Along feels like an interlude of sorts. The breezy two-minute-long track bounces along not overstaying its welcome or ending too soon. Rock and roll returns for You’re Not The Only One, a song that would have fit nicely into the Rolling Stones latest record, if not for Liam’s growling vocal delivery and John’s ripping solo. I’m So Bored is the most Beatles-esc song on the album, unsurprisingly so with both men being huge fans of the band. The intro riff and its accompanying drum passage hint at Ringo-Lennon collaboration, and the effects that come in on Liam’s vocals would sound timeless if not for the modern production. The album concludes with Mother Nature’s Song, a tune that combines the sounds of the previous songs in a gloriously bright and uplifting anthem. 

This self titled release is a masterclass in rock and how it can be produced in the modern day. Its mix of old and new go back as far as the collaborators, both artists legends in their own right and coming from a love of 60’s and 70’s music but managing to make it sound fresh and contemporary. Liam’s voice is as crisp and entertaining to listen to as ever, while John’s song writing and playing continue to be unmatched. It is a triumph of rock and roll.