Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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Album Review: Lawson – Chapman Square/Chapter II

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The band Lawson may be a threat towards One Direction and The Wanted. They’re British, they make decent pop-rock music and they’re also pretty handsome. With the combination of all these qualities, it is the formula needed to capture any girl’s heart and it’s no surprise that thought of Lawson releasing new music will pave way for squealing girls that have a lot of feelings and confused hormones. The thought of being married to Andy Brown is probably every thirteen year old girl’s dream right now but I guess we need to put things into perspective and maybe give a little nudge to them that the possibility of that happening is very unlikely, but at least they can get their hands on a sweet copy of Chapman Square/Chapter II which is better than nothing, right? The album is basically an extended version of Chapman Square, yet there are some new tracks on it as well as acoustic versions of their most loved tracks. Certainly enough, this would be value for money for any Lawson fan that’s keen on having these jam-packed goodies in their hands. Guilty pleasures do exist and it can be truthfully said that Lawson make adorable music.

LawsonChapmanSquare2Standing In The Dark is the opening track of Chapman Square/Chapter II and the story of this song is quite cliché as it describes the situation where stalking an ex-lover outside their home poses as a coping mechanism because you’re simply not over them. I’m sure all of you have watched chick flicks and using an example, a scene from Stuck In Love captures this song perfectly as one of the characters in the film stalks his ex-wife outside her home with her new lover, cringing at the fact that he lost someone special and that it’s simply too late to fix things because she has found love elsewhere. This song is bittersweet as it teaches people that sometimes the one person that got away was the only person you’ll ever miss and want to be with.

Though Lawson opened up with something a little dark on the album, everything turns around once you hear the track Taking Over Me. For starters, it opens up with such vibrant and happy music and then comes the ‘Whoo-uuh-uuh’s and seriously, the beginning part of the song is catchy to the point where it’ll eventually be stuck in your head for days. This song describes the fact that spending time with a special someone can drive you insanely mad, that the love you feel for them is so intense that every moment they spend with you is a moment well worth it. It’s such a good pop song because it keeps listeners entertained, with the rhythm and beat of the song and the simple, easy to memorise chorus.

Now to the interesting bits of Chapman Square/Chapter II is of course the exclusive new tracks that were an additional bonus to Chapman Square. Brokenhearted features B.o.B and to be honest, it is actually an incredibly pleasant track to listen to. It was great to hear some rapping from B.o.B in the song because it worked well as the music is somewhat reggae-like. Not to mention, Andy Brown’s singing talent in the chorus which makes the track a top hit and radio worthy. Love Locked Out was obviously made under the influence of Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake. It is such an enjoyable track to listen to because it has such a great beat and has a mixture of RnB and Pop music infused into it. Typically speaking the meaning of the song is quite direct, stating the obvious that the person that’s right for you has been standing in front of you all along.

The acoustic versions of the songs made by Lawson really show that they have amazing talent. To be able to strip down versions of songs into acoustic such as Standing In The Dark, When She Was Mine and Taking Over Me show that the band really do share the same passion and dedication in music. Stolen by far is the best acoustic track out of Chapman Square/Chapter II because it is so emotive and expressive. The way Andy Brown’s vocals flow into this song is perfect as you can actually feel his genuine regret for not realising the signs earlier (‘You were the only thing I needed but I couldn’t see’).

It can be clearly said that Chapman Square/Chapter II was made for people that are crazy and obsessed with Lawson at the moment. Fans can appreciate the time and effort made by the boys as it will give them a further lasting impression for Lawson’s next release, keeping them excited for longer.