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Album Review: Kate Miller-Heidke – The Best Of Kate Miller-Heidke: Act One

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Simply put – compilation records are generally the streamlined, express method of discovering new music. 2016 has contrastingly seen a mentionable abundance of compilation records and ‘best of’ collections. These are never necessarily anything of bad value, although at times may force the listener into having a slothful emergence into receiving their music. Knowing this, there are ‘best of’ records – and then there is The Best Of Kate Miller-Heidke: Act One.

Kate Miller-Heidke - The Best Of Kate Miller-Heidke: Act OneThe recorded works operate as a bounteous treat for fans, demonstrating a slew of recorded releases past and current plus an additional selection of live recordings and rare unreleased tracks. Disc one details a thoughtful selection of Kate’s most treasured gems, with fans gaining a collective gift of lush song recountings. Her inimitable nu-folky texture serenades once again inside the semi-rap effort Words. Then faintly skipping into a country mixture first heard off her debut record, her fiery harmony is heard once again as Mama reminds the listener of her completely unique vocal beauty. Fans can rejoice knowing her hilariously relevant ode to internet creepers makes an appearance, with Are You F****** Kidding Me? stimulating the millennial vibe on disc one. Also included is the especially touching cover of Empire Of The Sun’s Walking On A Dream and the all Aussie collaboration with rapper Drapht inside Drama. With not enough room to write about the classy beauty of each track, overlooking the incredible live cover of Icehouse’s Hey Little Girl (which appears on disc two) would be a crime of biblical proportions. Hazy backing vocals emerge against a genial guitar plucking with Kate’s vocal’s doing a justice to the track never before heard. A smoky subtlety transmits an eery heartfelt sadness with new life being breathed into the tune originally heard off Icehouse’s 1982 album Primitive Man. Just one of many emotional sound pieces extracted from this near perfect ‘Best Of’ album.

If you’re a fan of Kate’s then this is a bonus gift of immeasurable dimensions. As well as being gently nudged to recall why this multi-award winning songstress has planted herself in the history halls of Australian music, the listener is transported to her live performances from the comfort of a living room couch. In short, it’s a goldmine for those who love great Australian music.