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Album Review: Kasey Musgraves – Deeper Well

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35 year old Texas native Kacey Mugraves has released her third studio album, Deeper Well. From singing and yodeling as a young teenager, to auditioning for the Nashville Star at 18 – Kasey Musgraves is now a seven-time Grammy winner. With Deeper Well, she may have struck gold again. The new album explores the artist’s own personal growth, god, nature and love.

The first track, Cardinal, is a stunning foot tapper featuring flawless production, well executed transitions and thematic lyricism. Its an excellent start that flows into the title track beautifully. Deeper Well — an ode to the removal of blockers to growth — features unpretentious, and relatable lyrics which enhance the song’s key metaphor: “I’ve found a deeper well.” The message has impact and the simple acoustic melody is imbued with synthy mysticism.

Too Good to Be True explores love and relationships. The artist describes everyday memories while expressing her own vulnerability: “Made some breakfast/ Made some love / This is what dreams are made of.” Then continuing: “Please don’t make me regret / Opening up that part of myself / I’ve been scared to give again.” It’s the perfect expression of how romantic love and fragility are inextricably linked. The track has an early 2000s, Natasha Bedingfeild feel as it builds towards the chorus.

Moving Out is a soothing track with some clever storytelling. Musgraves has a clear knack for transforming her everyday observations into touching content. The artist showcases her vocal talents in the floaty track Giver / Taker which is well-produced and high on emotion. The next track, Sway, is as engulfing. The airy, expansive vibe is trance-inducing. Dinner with Friends again steps up the feels — it’s another simple, but hard-hitting beauty. Heart of the Woods is a treat for the senses. The artist describes the collective ethos of nature’s design; it’s unseen magic and spirit. Jade Green also ponders the enchanting — exploring the spiritual importance of a jade bracelet gifted by a lover.

Anime Eyes is a surprising, and fun addition featuring clever imagery: “A million little stars bursting into hearts in my anime eyes.” The track transitions into a flamboyant, Olivia Rodrigo style monologue capped off by the tracks dream-like final verse.

Deeper Well is a very sweet album but it isn’t shallow. It draws on the best of country style – relaying stories of sorrow, turmoil, and heartbreak – but pushes beyond this by combining elements of pop, folk and psychedelia. The sonic message of progress and forward momentum is credit to the Texans’ deep understanding of her craft.