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Album Review: Jessie Ware – Glasshouse

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photo: Live Nation UK

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I think most of us became aware of Jessie Ware’s name during her public emergence as part of a host of British artists including Sampha and Sam Smith, that collaborated frequently with electronic artists like SBTRKT and Disclosure, to name a few. Since then, Ware, along with a number of her counterparts had gone on to release stunning solo albums, and this time, launch themselves into the limelight. Glasshouse is another perfect full-length example of the power and elegance that Jessie Ware displays as she continues to break new ground for herself.

We begin with Midnight, which opens with hauntingly beautiful key patterns and pitch changing vocals which immediately has you hanging from her every word; all before launching you into a beautiful and very bold soulful chorus that complements the introduction with a classy, warm piano riff, allowing for Jessie’s compelling voice to really take centre stage.

With her previous full-length efforts, there were threads in her songs that would lead back to her original sound those years ago, but differently throughout this album, there is an important statement being made about the identity of Jessie Ware and her music, in that it feels like more of a significant step towards a classic soulful sound. Alone is the track for me that ooze’s a heartfelt emotion so resemblant of solo singers we’ve heard from eras gone by.

The production is what is really wonderful on Glasshouse, and this is what manages to give this album a vital edge and coolness, that retains Jessie Ware’s distinct and perfectly balanced sound with a sophisticated style. Having not listened to her in quite a long time, I can say that I will be having a hard time turning this off, and is an album I would recommend to both her fans, and her first time listeners.