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Album Review: Jack Johnson – From Here To Now To You

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It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know Jack Johnson and his so-laid-back-it’s-horizontal music by now. He’s the poster child for Hawaii and their chilled out sun, sand, and surf lifestyle, and his music is the perfect soundtrack. His sixth studio album, From Here To Now To You is no exception, and it is pure perfection.

JackJohnsonFromHereToNowThere’s not much to say about Johnson’s music; it’s barely changed in the twelve years since his first album, Brushfire Fairytales was released. His music is the same acoustic guitar, underlying simple bass, brushed percussion and Johnson’s cruisey vocals that it’s always been, with some occasional whistling, slides, and electric guitars thrown in for good measure. There are even waves in the background of Washing Dishes, as if it wasn’t the perfect summer album already.

The subject matter hasn’t changed since recent albums either. Tape Deck, Radiate, and You Remind Me Of You are songs for each of his three children, whilst I Got You, the lead single from the album, as well as several other tracks, were written for his college sweetheart wife, Kim. He tackles issues of environmental change in tracks such as Change, with lyrics like “just when you were getting used to this place/ and you were getting used to these bones/ you were getting used to the changes/ well, the change won’t leave you alone”, the song wants to get its message across, but is also very comfortable just lying in this hammock.

If you’re not a fan of Jack Johnson, you probably won’t enjoy this album. It’s nothing groundbreaking, and it certainly won’t get your blood pumping, and I suppose in that respect one could call it a bit boring. But, if you’re like millions of others around the world and love his music, then this album, and Johnson in general, can do no wrong. Jack Johnson is just an environmentally-friendly surfer dude who loves his family and wants to save the world, and From Here To Now To You conjures wonderful images of beach bonfires and lazy afternoons watching the surf. Now, could someone please get me a hammock and some summer sunshine!

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