Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

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Album Review: Half Moon Run – Sun Leads Me On

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Following on from their 2012 debut album Dark Eyes,  Half Moon Run have begun to further explore their signature sound with their latest studio release Sun Leads Me On. Demonstrating nothing but the progression and depth that grounds the group’s musical identity and intention, they channel influences from Bob Dylan and Radiohead. Sun Leads Me On determines that the Canadian outfit have hit the mark as they dip their toes in experimental melodies, soaring harmonies and intense vocals.

halfmoonrunIt’s evident from the outset this is a highly emotive album; the bright angelic echo  of Hands In the Garden feels like the boy-meets-girl theme you’d find in a romantic-comedy. By contrast, the title track Sun Leads Me On is a gorgeous prayer-like ballad that manages to be simple and yet powerfully emotional.

Later tracks in the album contain a daring use of synthetic elements. A track like It Works Itself Out isn’t overly complex, but is still full of impressive melodic range, and with its power and emotion genuinely stuns.

All in all, it’s Sun Leads Me On‘s rustic edge that gives Half Moon Run their character and distinct sound. The nature of this album means at times it is a little rough, a little gnarly, but always in the best possible way. This latest offering not only exhibits the progress made both musically and collaboratively by Half Moon Run, but shows the great potential this group has.