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Album Review: Chris Isaak – First Comes The Night

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Internationally renowned singer Chris Isaak has always been a busy man with his non-stop touring schedule, his current stint as a judge on the panel of X Factor Australia, and not to mention his various television appearances over the years. Now, Isaak returns with his 13th studio album First Comes The Night, his first release of original material in six years, which was recorded in Nashville and LA with Paul Worley, Dave Cobb and Mark Needham sharing production duties.

Chris Isaak - First Comes The NightChris Isaak certainly hasn’t lost his charm: the album’s title track delivers the soothing acoustic guitar and the warmth of Isaak’s vocals. Once you get past the nice and charming tracks, you get to songs like Reverie and Kiss Me Like A Stranger that have a more darker and deeper sound and meaning, emotional numbers are some of the most appreciated tracks that Chris generally pumps out (remember Wicked Game?). 

Vocal strength hasn’t left the singer in age as he belts out the chorus to Dry Your Eyes like he was a young rockstar again, and then there’s fun little country tinged ditties like Don’t Break My Heart and the swinging Running Down The Road to mix up the sound a little. The Way Things Really Are sees the album out on a more mellow and lighter note.

Chris Isaak hasn’t lost his music appeal, even now nearing 60 years old his voice and sound has the spark of a rock musician in his twenties. First Comes The Night is charming, warm, lifting and deep to keep you listening from beginning to end, nor does the sound grow too tiring and you wouldn’t mind giving it another spin soon after its first.