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Album Review: Cher Lloyd – Sorry I’m Late

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Former X-Factor UK sensation Cher Lloyd is back with new album Sorry I’m Late; thus far the newbie has dropped two singles, the catchy I Wish featuring T.I. and the powerful Sirens, two tracks that kept the hype of the album release strongly anticipated. The title of the album depicts two separate meanings that Cher describes as being late with some new material, and late as a person; some new Cher couldn’t be waited for any longer, better late than never!

CherLloyd-SorryI'mLateSorry I’m Late kicks off as pop as it can get with that classic, sweet Cher Lloyd sound; Just Be Mine is that cheesy, catchy bubblegum ode to an on and off relationship, sure to be popular with her young and impressionable fan base. Lloyd is all deep and meaningful in Bind Your Love where she declares what she would do for love and what the relationship means to her, and manages to do so in a head nodding kind of a way; leading single I Wish is a cutie pop song about how Lloyd wishes she could have everything she couldn’t to impress this guy she wants to kiss, T.I.’s collaboration suited the track well. Sirens is one hundred percent an album highlight, it is subtle yet fiercely triumphant and is one of Lloyd’s strongest tracks lyrically and sonically to date.

Dirty Love is another upbeat poppy number about how Lloyd is bored with all the nice guys and how she needs a ‘wild’ boy, only to let all her feelings show in the power pop tune Human. You feel the pain when listening to the darker Sweet Despair, we hear Cher the rapper/singer in the anthemic Killin’ It and we are serenaded with the tear welling tune Goodnight. The fun begins again with the suggestive M.F.P.O.T.Y, which shows us more of the attitude that hides below Lloyd’s innocent vocal; the album finishes with another love dedication, Alone With Me, also about getting with the boy of her desires.

Cher Lloyd is still young, therefore she has some more room to grow yet. Sorry I’m Late successfully stuck to the sweet and innocent girl with attitude sound Cher is known for; for much of the album, her viral hit Want U Back was still very much alive as many of the songs were reflective of that kind of vibe. This new album is definitive of an artist who has taken some time between works to discover something new about themselves, there are elements of coming of age and discovering who you are running through its veins. Sorry I’m Late is a strong release from Cher Lloyd, though it is pure pop she has managed to preserve a uniqueness that has been present in her previous releases and performances since contending on the X Factor UK. We’ll hear a lot more from Cher yet.