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Album Review: Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life

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Adult contemporary-pop artists are rare to find nowadays but it’s a refreshing to know that musicians that were popular in the 90s and 2000s are still releasing music at this present day, Celine Dion being a perfect example with her new release, Loved Me Back To Life. Even at the striking age of 45 years old, her new release justifies to all her fans out there that she still has her amazing vocals intact, evident in her newest release that she has an affinity for change. It’s clear that this album has the same Celine Dion feel but with a catch of Pop and RnB music incorporated into her songs as well as heartfelt lyrics that go well with the positive theme of the whole release.

Celine Dion Loved Me Back To LifeLoved Me Back To Life is an invigorating opening track as it embodies Celine’s high vocal range as well as music with a rhythmic beat. The song has a positive theme and it also has an interesting electric guitar-solo that ends the track quite nicely. The second track follows with a much lively pop anthem titled Somebody Loves Somebody and the chorus of the song has a way of turning heads as it has a strong and heavy pop beat. The track itself is not a typical pop song because the way Celine Dion sings in this track showcases her passionate nature, making it into her own track with the power of her unique voice. Her duet with Ne-Yo in Incredible makes a lovely addition to her new album. It is a powerful track as both make strong vocalists, continuing on that Pop and RnB vibe at the start of the album.

To be clear, it may seem odd for fans of Celine Dion that she has taken up RnB elements into her songs but with the music industry constantly changing, it is seen as a positive aspect into her already successful music career that she is willing to try something different from her contemporary, slow songs.

Although Loved Me Back To Life has a Pop and RnB focus, Celine Dion doesn’t disappoint her older fans as some of her songs in this release do not stray away from her original adult contemporary-pop reputation. Songs such as Thankful, At Seventeen and Always Be Your Girl bring out what Celine Dion does best by having a strong soft-rock and pop feel into these songs as well as being able to hit those high notes, notably a quality that is favoured by all Celine Dion fans.

The talented vocalist she is, Celine Dion brings greatness once again with Loved Me Back To Life, being the 11th English-studio album she’s released (for fans that didn’t know, she also sings in French too!). It goes to show that Celine Dion has released something delightful for old and new fans, with a mixture of songs that have both a Pop/RnB focus as well as encompassing her adult contemporary-pop roots. Fans should not be disappointed that she’s added an RnB and Pop edge into her musical style because change is a good thing if it is done well and for Celine Dion, she’s pretty much outdone herself, proving to everyone that she’s still the queen of the adult contemporary genre.

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