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Album Review: Asgeir – In The Silence

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Iceland has produced some amazing acts like Bjork, Of Monsters And Men and Sigur Ros. Rich in culture, the country’s music has been known to reflect a sort of magical sound.

Asgeir In The SilencePreviously having the recording name Asgeir Trausti, 21 year old Asgeir comes back from a triumphant debut album with In The Silence. With his music often described as melodic folk, this is the first of his works completed translated into English, with American singer John Grant helping him with the recording of the secondary language.

While having just started his career in music last year, Asgeir has already won numerous awards. Being the clear winner at the Icelandic Music Awards with 4 wins out of 6 nominations (Album Of The Year, Best New Comer, People’s Choice and Online Achievement Award), his success in his homeland is incredible. Testing the international waters with In The Silence, success is definitely achievable.

Singles that have already been released from In The Silence are King And Cross, Going Home and Torrent. There is a consistent upbeat manner present in King Cross due to a bouncing guitar riff and synth work, while Going Home acts as a more of a solemn nostalgic piece, as the instrumental accompaniment seems to mimic the words ‘burden weighs me down’ by having a dragged out feel.

Asgeir’s latest single Torrent shows off his piano work, with the instrument taking stage as soon as the song starts. Bright piano chords intertwine with the heavy drums to create a truly powerful and motivating songs, as if preparing you for a personal battle.

There are a number of other tracks on the album that stand out. The vocal work is impeccable in the song In Harmony. Appropriately titled, it’s the harmonies of the vocals that catch the listener’s attention when hearing this song, and it shows just how well simple harmonies can sound when performed perfectly.

Was There Nothing brings out the melodic folk that Asgeir’s music is often labelled as. From the humbling guitar strumming along to the smoothly articulated harmonies, this acoustic track gives off a very peaceful vibe that’s sure to calm down any storm.

The album begins with Higher, and finishes with On That Day. After listening through the entirety of the 10 tracks available, it seems like an adventurous journey has just been completed. Higher is a great beginning to the listener’s own expedition through the album, with heartfelt lyrics pouring with emotions through the instrumental accompaniment.  While On That Day reflects on everything that just happened, the guitar riff optimistic for the future, and the lyrics reminiscent of days that have past.

Asgeir is one of those musicians that everyone is rooting for. It is clear that the talented young man has a great musical career ahead of him, and his audience is ready to hear how his music blossoms.