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Looking for a place to advertise your music product, new release, artist, company or venue? Well, Renowned For Sound is here to help. Read on….

What type of content do we feature on Renowned For Sound?

Renowned For Sound is a resource for reviews of the latest international and local releases in music, interviews with some of the biggest names in music including Tori Amos, The Eagles, Alison Krauss, Cyndi Lauper, Roxette, Macy Gray, Boy II Men, Janelle Monae and many, many others, and reviews of the concerts in London and Sydney, Australia. We also report on the latest new album release and touring news, host select music videos and host various music features throughout the year. We also have sections such as Record Rewind where we look back at releases from the vaults.

Why advertise with Renowned For Sound?

Renowned For Sound is not confined to any specific genre. While our main focus at Renowned is aimed toward pop music, our content ranges from indie, folk and rock to electronic, dance and punk.

As with any online publication, Renowned For Sound has readers from all over the world and with writers based in the U.k, Australia and the U.S, we pride ourselves on delivering articles from these territories and therefore are open to advertising enquiries from all over the world.

We work alongside various providers of music – from publicity teams and artist managers to major and independent record labels and artists themselves. With the websites editor having been based the U.S, Australia and now in central London, we are in tune with the international music scene and what ticks our readers boxes and, for advertisers, we are able to offer a diversity when it comes to advertising for those locally and internationally.

Who should be looking to advertise on Renowned For Sound?

Including but not limited so: Management companies / Major or independent record companies / Music festival promoters / Tour and event promoters / Record studios / Merchandise companies / Music artists and bands / Music social groups / Online or brick and mortar music stores / Live music venues / Music brand and product companies / Ticketing services

Get in touch with us to discuss whether we are able to help you in your advertising needs if you are not one of the above.

So what are Renowned For Sounds advertising rates and options?

*All prices are quoted in US$ however rates can be quoted and invoiced in your local currency upon request. All options below require high resolution images in order to be featured.

Skin – Website skin (non-URL clickable background image of the website)
Cost (per 7 days): US$80
Cost (per 30 days): US$275

Single Side Panel – One of the 3 square advertising panels on the side and footer panels of the website. These can include clickable URL backlinks
Cost (per 7 days): US$25
Cost (per 30 days):US$75

Milti Side Panel Package – All 3 square advertising panels on the side and footer panels of the website. These can include clickable URL backlinks
Cost (per 7 days): US$60
Cost (per 30 days): US$200

The FULL Package – Website skin and all 3 square advertising panels on the side and footer panels of the website. The side panels can include clickable URL backlinks. Note that the skin background image in non-URL clickable
Cost (per 7 days): US$100
Cost (per 30 days):US$350

All prices exclude GST.

Other forms of advertising on Renowned For Sound:

We have a range of other potential advertising options available including Ones to Watch features and sponsored post opportunities that can be tailored to whatever music related project you have.

So, if you are interested in advertising on Renowned For Sound drop us an email using the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further.