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2 Broke Girls – The Complete Third Season

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In 2011, Michael Patrick King-created comedy Two Broke Girls found its way out into the world at a very tough time for television sitcoms with a long list of supposedly popular shows failing to meet ratings expectations and consequently being pulled from our TV screens. Thankfully Two Broke Girls survived the annual cull and has done so for a few years. The show’s creator has crafted one of the most hilarious sitcoms to come to life over the past decade but I guess that isn’t entirely surprising given Kings’ experience with hit shows in the past.  With a resume that includes Cybill, Murphy Brown, Will and Grace and both the Sex and the City series and films, he definitely knows what makes viewers tick and what makes for good comedy.

Two Broke Girls Season 3 DVDTwo Broke Girls follows leading ladies Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs who play the explicit yet loveable characters Max Black and Caroline Channing respectively. In season one we were introduced to Max, a busty waitress in a Brooklyn diner who takes in Caroline, a rich-girl-gone-poor who is desperate for a job and applies for a recent vacancy at the diner. Throughout the shows run we have seen the friendship between the pair develop as the girls teach each other valuable life lessons from both sides of the track and work toward a joint venture; owning a cupcake business. At the end of each episode a counter tallies up the amount the girls have made toward their $25,000 goal to start the business.

The shows cast remains one of its most attractive features with Denning’s and Behrs’ contrasting personalities forming the backbone of the shows jokes and storylines as they set out to master the world of cupcakes. While Behr’s portrayal of former spoilt brat Caroline Channing delivers the naivety and innocence within the rough backdrop of Brooklyn, Dennings takes centre stage as she delivers some of the show’s most raunchy one-liners and quips and does a spectacular job as Max who is experienced with life at the lower end of the financial chain.

Surrounded by them is a kaleidoscope of hilarious characters that tie the ensemble together very tightly. Jonathan Kite plays sexually-driven diner cook Oleg Golishevsky; Garrett Morris delivers memorable performances throughout the shows run as diner cashier Earl, a character that is looked up to by Max and Caroline as somewhat of a father figure;  diner owner and aim of many of the girls’ jokes is Han Lee, played by Matthew Moy and the fabulous Jennifer Coolidge  aka ‘Stifler’s Mum’ takes up the role of Sophie Kaczynski, Max and Caroline’s Polish neighbour who forms a bond with the girls and a relationship with Oleg.

The show has proven consistent from its very first episode back in September 2011 and has been able to maintain its credibility for 3 seasons and shows no signs of faltering or slowing down following the latest 3rd season which provides some of the show’s most memorable episodes and storylines like episode 19’s St Patrick’s Day adventure and episode 21 And The Wedding Cake Cake Cake which guest stars controversial actress Lindsay Lohan. The jokes and one-liners are of an adult nature and I think this resonates well with fans of the show who have been surrounded by PG rated shows with the exception of animated staples like Family Guy and South Park.

Season 3 shows real promise for Two Broke Girls and we only hope that the strengths that were seen throughout these new episodes are a sign of things to come for future seasons.