Album Review: Willie Nelson And Asleep At The Wheel – Willie And The Wheel

Published On June 20, 2010 | By Brendon Veevers | Albums

Hot on the heels of his Country Music record the king of country adds another notch to his record building belt with a collaboration with Texan big band Asleep at the Wheel for Willie and the Wheel.

Nelson is used to recording countless records and I always find it incredible that he has to time to churn out so many. His releases are constant and although his recent dive into country standards delivered more bore than appeal, this mix of country and 1940’s swing brings back the Willie Nelson that his audience craves.

WillieNelsonWillieAndTheWheelFrom the boppy Sweet Jennie Lee with its double bass and fiddle and the mid tempo Bring It On Down To My House through to upbeat nuggets like the opening Hesitation Blues straight through to the closing vintage Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon this is a superb teaming up of Dixieland jazz and western swing greatness delivered by some greats of the genre.

Though Western Swing has long but faded from the public radar Willie and the Wheel is a refreshing revival of the genre and immediately gives you the feeling of relaxing in the 1940’s listening to your favorite country numbers on an old time radio.

Asleep at the Wheels musical arrangements and general feel combine perfectly with Nelsons experienced, lived voice.

Willie and the Wheel is a fun record of a genre that has long since vanished commercially but thanks to genius recordings like this gem will always maintain the credibility and deep south popularity that made it popular 70 years ago. Without doubt one of the best recordings of both Asleep At The Wheel and the Willie Nelson catalogues.

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