Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

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Album Review: FIDLAR – Too

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FIDLAR took a lot of inspiration from their band name (Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk) and they’ve released a ballsy record with out of the box sound conventions. Not ones to stick to labels FIDLAR wanted to avoid making a slick, rock record that could get easily get number 1 chart status, they wanted to make something a bit different and took a lot of creativeness from the late 90s and 00s. This is the first collection of music they created with a producer and it really does wonders in terms of elevating their sound, it’s garage rock produced in a studio combined with the same thrasher lyrics that FIDLAR’s known for. Too is the perfect follow up album to their self-titled debut, it shows growth and is an exhilarating statement about the fucked up kids of our generation.

FIDLAR - TooAll twelve tracks on Too are full of high emotion, heavy melodies, entrancing beats and deep, personal lyrics. FIDLAR never shies away from being completely raw in the material they release, each track tells a different tale that comes from a very personal place, many touching on a struggle with addiction. Each song is undeniably a clash of sound with elements of classic rock, garage grunge and punk all highlighted by the brash, husky vocals. All the components swirl and intertwine to create tracks full of thrashing energy that’s impossible not to vibe with. Tracks like 40oz. On Repeat, Why Generation and, Drone will definitely leave you raving while songs such as Hey Johnny and Stupid Decision will catch you on the comedown, drawing you into the lyrical story told with such emotion that it’s impossible not feel something. There’s nothing bad you can really say about this release other than the fact that they seem to rely on their brand a little too much, because their music is so iconic and it does work well to create angry songs full of angst but it all begins to sound pretty similar once it’s all over.

FIDLAR is essentially the 90s/00s skate and garage punk rock reworked with studio equipment that works to make their heavy lyrics aesthetically pleasing for the angry, angst ridden audiences today. In order to truly appreciate the liberty and truth that FIDLAR creates with Too you have to put all your inhibitions away and just thrash around with the lads. You’ll be hooked by the rhythmic drumbeats, the vicious guitar riffs and of course the passion behind the punk, almost hard-core vocals that keeps it interesting.