Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

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Interview: Stan Walker

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It’s been several months since we last had a chat with New Zealand singer and former Australian Idol winner Stan Walker but he has been incredibly busy on various projects since. Along with taking on another season as a judge on the X Factor New Zealand, a role that has proven challenging this time around due to the controversy caused by a pair of his dismissed fellow judges, Stan has kept the focus on music and has been equally as busy in the recording studio.

Putting his personal touch to some classics from the soul genre, Stan has gathered a collection of tracks to cover for his brand new record, Truth and Soul. Following the release of the record we were lucky enough to catch up with Stan to talk about the new record, the latest season of X Factor and his touring plans for Australian and New Zealand fans. Here is what he had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: Hey Stan, how are you doing and where does our interview find you today?

Stan Walker: We are by the water driving in Sydney near the Anzac Bridge on our way to a radio interview. I have been out all day today promoting my new album, Truth & Soul.

Stan Walker Truth & SoulBV: You recently released the new collection. Can you tell us a little about the Truth and Soul?

SW: This record is some of my favourite soul songs both old school and new school and this album is my take and reinterpretation of these songs.

BV: The track listing is made up of some of your favourite soul songs. How did you narrow this list down to a list that would fit on a single disc? What was the selection process?

SW: There are so many tracks to choose from; I had to just close my eyes and point so we could start working!

BV: What was your favourite to record on the track? Was there one that was more important for you to record than others?

SW: My favourite to record was probably “A change is gonna come”. Because of the meaning of the song, just the vocals, just to be able to sing like that, just to be able to sing raw and big.

BV: Any that you hoped to include but that didn’t make the final cut?

SW: Oh my gosh there are like fifty songs that I wish I could of included. Every artist I looked at had about fifty songs I wanted to include but once again I had to narrow it down, a bit of random selection, you know I wish I could have done many more but you have to just choose in the end.

BV: What inspires you the most about Soul music and who in the genre has been the most influential to you as a performer and recording artist?

SW: They talk about real pain, love, and triumph.

SW: I love Luther Vandross, he is the king of soul, and his voice is beauty, like hot chocolate.

BV: We spoke to you several months ago following your successful collaboration with Ginny Blackmore on the single Holding You. Since then you have been back busy back behind the judging panel in New Zealand for the X Factor which has caused quite a lot of controversy recently thanks to fellow judges Natalia Kills and her husband. What was your take on all of that?

SW: It just took the focus of the contestants… I am glad it’s back.

BV: After something like this happens, does it make you question the direction of reality show platforms like X Factor and their time in the spotlight or do you think that what happened was something the show will be able to triumph through?

SW: Reality TV shows are awesome, X Factor NZ is a great show and the whole crew and all the contestants are working incredibly hard to make it amazing.

BV: Going back to the new record, how did you feel going into the studio to tackle such successful and iconic soul hits? Were you intimidated by any of these covers?

SW: No, I was more excited than intimidated.

BV: Are there any plans to take Truth and Soul out on the road during 2015 in either Australia or New Zealand?

SW: Yes there are plans for both, stay tuned!

BV: Thanks for your time Stan – always appreciated.

Stan Walkers new album Truth and Soul is out now.