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Published On June 6, 2010 | By Brendon Veevers | Albums

Irish musician Ann Scott is back with her latest and most melancholic album to date, Flo which is released this week.

Flo sets the scene for a poetic journey through folk/indie at its depressive extreme.

AnnScott350Gentle finger picking overlapped with some deep, haunting strings is the mood on this record. Ann clearly has a gift for song writing and powerful lyrical content which is what draws you to the highlights on this album including Return To Die, Under The Sun and Candy.

The album is a nice addition to the work Ann has released in previous years though there are times where the calm is taken a little too far toward the extreme. Just listen to the track Untrue – if your still awake by the end of the song then I take my hat off to you. It’s a great number but it is doesn’t really have the spark that a song needs to keep your ears pricked, which is the case with a large part of Flo.

Ann has a gifted voice, raw and vintage but hearing an album full of depressing numbers really does make you want to listen to hardcore techno for the following week just to recover. You find yourself getting halfway through the record and scratching around looking for a hint of a pulse.

This is a record with a smudge of similarities to other popular artists while still maintaining its own originality. Opening number Love Is In Him is one that I find very easily comparable to a mellow early Cranberries track.

The album also significantly resembles a Heather Nova creation. The two share the same sound, a haunting and echoing record full of strings and simple guitar picked tracks with subtle drum beats and some sweet piano additions, particularly with the stand out title track which ends the record.

Flo is a nice album, a little heavy in the mellow department but nonetheless a well written and well produced record of folk/indie and one that exhibits Ann’s refined talents in creating music even if the songs she writes are sleep inducing.


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