Single Review: Alicia Keys – ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’

Published On May 24, 2010 | By Brendon Veevers | Singles & EP's

Alicia Keys is one of the true greats of the current music scene. Not only being visually stunning she is the meaning of talent not only having a powerful set of lungs together with the voice of an RnB soul angel but she also plays piano with classical brilliance and has written some of the most incredible and well crafted pieces of music in the last ten years including How Come You Don’t Call Me, No One and the defining Fallin’ which propelled her career to a flying start.

AliciaKeysTrySleepingWithABrokenHeartHaving sold well over 30 million records, selling out large arenas worldwide and accumulating an impressive 12 Grammy Awards in her time she is at the forefront of popular musical artistry – she is a singer, an actress, an incredible songwriter – she is a musicians musician.

Alicia pulls another trick out of her hat for us this month with the release of her latest single Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart from her UK Number One album The Element Of Freedom.

Alicia’s vocals are pristine on this track, consistently strong and with the delicate vulnerability and naivety that has allowed her to stand out among the rest as one of the gems in modern Pop and RnB music.

Building gently with an eighties style retro syth the song is a great RnB ballad with a collaboration of crashing drums, African infused beats and subtle thunder effects.

She approaches the song head on with the dedication to deliver something special while also keeping control of the songs topical ambiguity. Not only does she sing the song with genuine emotion she also backs it up with a bold instrumentation that gives justification to its hailed status as the best track from The Element of Freedom.

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart is a different move for Alicia in a sense. With most previous single releases she is backed up by her signature piano whereas on this number the aforementioned instrument is replaced, though not entirely, by a more vintage and drum based production.

Another fantastic single that is guaranteed to keep Alicia Keys not only at the top of her own game but also cream of the pop crop.


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