Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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Ben Ryan

::: Renowned For Sound Music Reviews ::: Ben is a 21-year-old student whose taste in music consists of tunes that make him see things. Music for him is a very visual experience; a song has succeeded when it transports the listener somewhere. This is a quality Ben hopes to articulate in writing music reviews for Ben capped off his school days at a Sydney high school catering specifically for the musically inclined, but now must balance his musical cravings with university study. To satisfy these cravings, Ben has played guitar in a few groups of differing styles but is often most contented just tinkering with the blues.
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With their second full-length album Voices, New York duo Phantogram have provided a collection of emotive pop tracks veiled by...

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The New Zealand-born Broods have put out their self-titled debut EP following the release of their single Bridges, which was...