Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

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Album Review: Silicon – Personal Computer

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Silicon is an indescribable phenomenon from the genius mind of Kody Nielson; his record under this imaginative endeavour is entitled Personal Computer and it’s an art collection while also a debut album. It’s not a compilation for the close minded, in order to truly appreciate the hyper reality that Silicon is fashioning with this release you need to have quite the imagination. Shut the window and close the curtains because you’re about to be sucked into Silicon’s Personal Computer.

Silicon - Personal ComputerEach song is like a new folder that takes you deeper and deeper into the inner mainframe of Silicon’s musical brain. Of course someone as talented as Nielson isn’t going to make it easy to digest and you’re confronted straight off with robotic voices in title track Personal Computer or closing song Dope that might leave you feeling a little taken aback .“Never be lonely, personal computer, someone that’s listening, personal computer”. This definitely acts as a stun to your senses because after that the beat’s going to hypnotise you while you drift into the further layers, guided by almost extra-terrestrial sounds.

From here on out you’re engaged into a listening experience full of new age retro electronica, almost reminiscent of 70s disco funk. Lyrically the album is somewhat lacking, each verse and chorus is digital sound rather than voice like your typical musical release. The spoken words that do appear in Burning Sugar or Love Peace have been digitalised to the point they become just another layer of computer sound that has become evident in Silicon’s distinct brand but they’re bizarrely enough like a human voice edging you further towards the chaos.

Personal Computer is definitely a listening experience, there is really no way to accurately describe the sensation that is being entranced by Silicon. There’s highs, there’s lows and there’s a good chance you might not understand exactly what’s happening but just let the electro waves of sound wash over you and appreciate the delicate balance of human energy and machine. With each listen you’ll find new tidbits hidden within the tracks that you might not of felt before it, whether it be fresh lyrics or a new sound intertwined into this musical mess. The age of Silicon is upon us and it’s odd but also incredibly intriguing.